Our Journey

About the Owner:

On October 10th, 2012 my life changed forever. I was 31 years old and the very last thing I expected was for my doctor to tell me “you have breast cancer”.

I struggled to understand how something like this could happen to me. As far as I knew, I lead a healthy lifestyle. I ate nutritious foods, exercised regularly and got frequent health screenings.

After speaking to specialist after specialist, I finally had a heart to heart with my younger brother. He had been plant based for 6 years, and had been warning me that if I didn’t properly nourish my body, sickness would come. After doing extensive research and some much needed soul searching, I realized that what I had been putting into my body was causing me harm.

I started thinking about the reaction I would have every time I ate cheese. I would end up with extreme nasal congestion and out of this world post nasal drip for several hours. I would often feel tired or sluggish after I consumed chicken or beef. In hindsight, these were clear warning signs that animal products did not agree with my body.

Following my diagnosis, I underwent chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery within an 8 month time frame. After my last chemo treatment, I visited Dr. Sebi’s healing village in La Ceiba, Honduras to cleanse and transition to a plant based lifestyle.

I made a commitment to myself to treat my body like the temple it is. Today, I’m 41 years old and I’ve never felt better. I’m so grateful to the creator for giving me a second chance at life.
I’m loving myself, and man that’s SEXY.

The Birth of Sexy Vegan:

I moved from Portland to Atlanta in 2006 to be closer to my younger brother, a professional athlete who had just converted to a plant based diet. When he came to pick me up from the airport, he was wearing a t-shirt that said “Sexy Vegan.” I asked him where he got it, and he said that he made it himself.

I told him it was super cute and jokingly said that we should start a t-shirt line together. I would bring it up every now and then, but once I became 100% plant based in 2018, I started sketching out logos and creating prototypes. 2 years later, I decided to work with my cousin, a graphic designer, to finally create my line. Sexy Vegan was a brain child for 15 years, but has now been born.